General Meetings:

The first and third Monday of every month at 8:00pm
Home Association Meetings:

The fourth Monday of every month at 8:00pm

Joyce Kilmer, 1918


Joyce Kilmer Council #1177 was originally called the Suffern Council and was granted it's charter in 1907. However, while living in nearby Mahwah, New Jersey, an up and coming teacher and poet by the name of Joyce Kilmer joined our Council.

Joyce Kilmer, a devout Catholic, became famous for many of his poems; one of the most famous being "Trees". Prior to his worldwide reknown, Joyce enlisted in the U.S. armed forces,and while on a volunteer mission during World War I, he was killed in action. Being Suffern Council's most famous member, a war hero and a poet, the Council was renamed in his honor.

Originally, our Council held it's meetings in the basement of the Catholic Church in Suffern; at first St. Rose of Lima and thereafter Sacred Heart (as it was renamed). Late in the 1950's members decided that a permanent home was necessary, and the members erected a Council Hall on Pavilion Road (just down the hill from the American Legion Hall).

In 2000 the Council moved to it's present location on Washington Avenue (between Avon and Route 202) and currently boasts a membership of approximately 250.

In 2007 the Council celebrated 100 years of service to the parish and the community.

Our members come from surrounding Parishes and serve a number of charitable causes throughout the Parish and Rockland County.